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Helping Ukrainians Heal, One Moment at a Time

Moments of Refuge for Ukraine offers an evidence-based mindfulness intervention program to empower and enable Ukrainians to cope with the trauma and stress of the war and thereby to begin to heal and recover. To reach Ukrainians around the world, we offer a free online version of our mindfulness intervention program developed for survivors of conflict and forced displacement - the Mindfulness-SOS for Ukrainians.


This initiative is part of the global Moments of Refuge Project, a science-based social impact initiative to help empower and enable survivors of conflict and forced displacement to heal and recover.

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Mindfulness-SOS for Ukrainians. The online program includes 8 brief sessions and 9 audio mindfulness meditation practice exercises audio recorded in Ukrainian or in Russian. We recommend that you complete the program over 7 weeks. You can flexibly listen to these audio sessions and exercises through your phone or computer, wherever you are and whenever you need support.

Mindfulness-SOS for Ukrainians: How it Works. This online program is designed to help you learn new and helpful ways to respond to the trauma, loss and stressors in your life since the war. Mindfulness-SOS will teach you to pay attention to your experience in the present moment in ways that are accepting and compassionate towards yourself and your experience. These new skills can help you to heal and recover. Like other interventions using evidence-based mindfulness tools, the programs uses mindfulness meditation practices to help you to learn and benefit from these skills.

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Mindfulness-SOS for Ukrainians: When to Begin. We recommend that you begin this online program once you are in a safe place and no longer in harms’ way. You can then use the program anywhere and anytime that works for you.

To begin and learn more, click the START button below.

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